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A complex process of real estate brokerage requires expertise from a number of different domains: land registry law, real estate taxation, construction and technical regulations, finances, marketing and business communications. In order to maintain that expertise, we continuously invest in education and participation on seminars, courses and workshops organized by Croatian Chamber of Commerce. 

When speaking to our clients, we are always trying to explain the sales / purchase process in everyday language, especially if we’re dealing with more complicated procedure. This makes us ready to answer all your questions, explain you all the steps of buying and selling process and safely guide you through the whole experience. 

After having successfully completed a great deal of real estate transactions, we realized that a good relationship with client is prerequisite for a successful collaboration. We aim to listen to every individual, and identify ourselves with their needs and possibilities. This approach allows us to help you shorten your search, take care of stressful details, give you trusted informations and make the entire process easier.

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